The term financial planning and specifically the question ‘should I see a financial planner’ seems to bring an image into many people’s minds that they don’t have enough money to bother or an acknowledgement that they need to see a financial planner, but they’ll wait till their financial situation looks a little better.

This does sound a little like ‘I’ll wait till I’m fitter before I start to exercise’…neither statements make a whole lot of sense.

It’s true that there are many of our competitors that don’t do a whole lot to help debunk these myths with statements such as ‘we only see people with over a million’ or ‘we are high net, worth specialists’.

We at CommonCents Financial Planning don’t understand this way of thinking, it doesn’t make sense and appears to advertise a lack of competence. For example, if a firm will only deal with someone who has already made money then the only thing that firm specialises in is managing a large portfolio (that was initially made by the client, not the planner) to justify a large fee.

The products used to manage these large portfolios are often complex enough to boggle your mind and create enough smoke and mirrors to hide the fact that the same or better result can often be made with a simpler and cheaper strategy.

Though CommonCents Financial Planning works with high net worth clients too, we find the majority of our clients are ordinary family people facing the challenges that come with trying to get the most out of life today while putting a little away for the future.

Our clients have aspirations such as:

Paying off debts as quickly as possible

Understanding what reasonable levels of debt are for their situation

Having a guide to what their budget should look like

Paying less tax

Giving their children the best education they can

Getting away on dream holidays

Reducing the friction at home that money can often cause

Building wealth for the future

Protecting their wealth and family’s financial futures

This list can go on and on as financial aspirations and attitudes are so broad and numerous but we’re sure you have seen many items here that strike a chord.

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We’re known for breaking down the jargon into simple, understandable and practical steps.
We’re known for breaking down the jargon into simple, understandable and practical steps.
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