There are lots of questions when it comes to talking about money.
Hopefully we’ve answered most of yours below, but if not pick up the phone and give us a call.

As a fee-for-advice business we’ve computed what it costs to produce our work and how much financial value is being delivered as a result. Because of that we charge a flat fee for our initial work and a separate fee (also flat) for any further work we provide. 

Our initial fees run much like this:

  • Discovery – no charge as this is a get-to-know each other meeting so we wear the cost of this so that there’s no pressure on you
  • Mudmap (Strategic Advice) – $1,320 which covers guidance for all components of advice that don’t require specific product recommendations
  • Advice (Product Advice) – $1,430 which builds on and strengthens our strategic advice with specific product recommendations ie. is ‘xyz super’ the best one
  • Implementation (making theory happen) – $2,750 makes sure that everything we’ve advised on actually gets done in a way that’s understandable and sustainable

Each of these points run consecutively most of the time.

Our Annual Fees look much like this:

  • fees for further advice and support depend on the benefits that we provide to you.
  • Our fees will be an agreed fixed fee for a term of one year or less.
  • Each year, we will seek your re-engagement on the services to be provided for the coming 12 months and what the new fee will be.

Please note that we do not accept commissions on any insurances nor investments regardless of the size or the complexity of our advice and your situation.

Some further information about fees is located in our Financial Services Guide (FSG)

No, we are not owned by a bank or any other large or small financial institution.

Yes. We hold Diplomas of Financial Planning, Masters Degrees in Financial Planning, Commerce Degrees and are members of the Financial Planning Association.

Yes. We are Authorised Representatives of CommonCents Advice Group Pty Ltd AFSL #524454. CommonCents Advice Group provide us with the services of audit & compliance, investment research, insurance research and legislative & technical research.

No, CommonCents Financial Planning and CommonCents Advice Group are owned by individuals.

None. We do not receive investment commissions, rent subsidies, discounted printers, computers or computer software or fully or partially subsidised tickets to conferences either in Australia or abroad. We are remunerated by our clients only when we can demonstrate sufficient value to warrant.
We have over 30 years combined experience and have insights into the intimate money habits of over 2,000 financially successful families.
We provide the most value to busy young families, typically in their 30’s and 40’s. Many say their income goes to school fees, they wish they had something set aside for a holiday and are frustrated that, despite making good money, they don’t feel any better off.
We employ Superannuation, Life Insurance, Total & Permanent Disability Insurance, Trauma Insurance, Income Protection Insurance, Managed Investments, Investment/Insurance Bonds
Comprehensive advice that may or may not involves us providing implementation services so that our clients can stop worrying about their money problems.

If you have any more questions, please contact us

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