Start living a richer life

Wouldn’t it be nice to stop thinking about money, like it’s a bad thing. Yes please!

At Common Cents we care deeply about your wellbeing and our sole purpose is to equip you with sound financial knowledge, so you can positively change your behaviour and take action to support your future. Does that sound okay? Great.

Having spent over 30 years in the finance industry, Richard and Nick have met people from all walks of life, many of them struggling from some kind of financial dilemma. What they discovered early on is that the industry is saturated with jargon and concepts that are difficult for most to get their head around, let alone remember. They also discovered it’s hard to keep up with the noise of the media and the changes that take place in the industry, including everything from tax and super to the investment world.

Due to this, at Common Cents we’ve made it our priority to help you out, by providing a large, up-to-date resource that will help you grow your knowledge of money matters. We know this can be a dry subject, which is why we’ve added light-hearted material and a great library of animated videos, to explain some of the more complexed financial aspects.

Our online resource let’s clients explore at their own pace and some of our favourite features include learning modules, articles, videos, life events, quizzes, jargon busters, financial calculators, downloads and competitions.

Our objective is to help you become more confident with your money so you can make better decisions which will decrease your stress and increase your peace of mind and confidence.

If you’re a current client, login into our CommonCents Financial Knowledge Centre today.

If you’re not a client and want to explore our CommonCents Financial Knowledge Centre, we’ve left some content open for you to view. Jump in, read a few articles and watch a few videos. We hope you have fun and continue to learn something new.

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