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Our clients

We’ve always been fascinated by human behaviour. When we talk to our clients, many tell us they thought about seeing a financial planner for a long time – days, months, weeks, sometimes years – before they actually took the leap. And their greatest regret? They wish they’d done it sooner.

A bit like waiting until we’re thinner or fitter to start exercise plan, many people wait until they ‘have the money’ to engage a financial planner. What we know, after 30 years helping others, is the sooner you take the first step, the sooner you’ll have the knowledge needed to impact your life.

Here’s what we discovered when we asked a group of clients to share their concerns and aspirations:  

  • We want to pay off our debt as quickly as possible.  
  • Do we really need financial advice?
  • What does reasonable debt look like for someone in my situation?
  • I want to get on top of my budget.
  • How can we pay less tax?
  • We’re juggling school fees and mortgages and want to give our kids the best education.
  • Will we have enough money to retire?
  • We want to book our dream holiday.
  • Are we doing the right things with our money?
  • It feels like we’re always arguing about cash.
  • Will we have enough wealth for the future?
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Having a plan means having a life Or

You must have a game plan, if you aim at nothing you will hit it everytime.

At CommonCents we’re big believers that a goal, without a plan, is just a wish. We know everyone has dreams and desires, and we love helping young families smash their goals.

If you’re dreaming about building your dream home, we’ll help you get there. Planning the holiday of a lifetime? We’ll make it stress free. Trying to work out if you can afford your kids education? We’ll show you a way to make it happen.

We love giving advice and when it means we get to see families and individuals thrive, we couldn’t be happier. The fact is, when people stop stressing about money they really start to live.

Imagine a life free from the day-to-day financial stress. Imagine a life where your needs and aspirations are set out in a clear and personalised plan. This kind of life doesn’t happen by accident.

Building a financially fit future requires careful and considered planning and time to map out a step-by-step training guide with an experienced and trusted team.

At CommonCents we’re known for breaking down the jargon to create foolproof financial plans that not only support your personal wellbeing but help you build the future you’ve always dreamed of. It doesn’t matter if you have short-term goals or long-term plans, we’ll help you find a way to achieve them all and yes, we’ll hold your hands, and hold you accountable at the same time.

Like any good health plan, it’s great to have someone in your corner to check in with. Our advisers are like personal coaches and great at keeping everyone on track. They understand and believe in our philosophy – to help you you learn the basics, change your behaviour, and take consistent daily actions to achieve your goals.


Dear Nick,

From our first meeting, at a time when we were looking towards a transition to retirement and were unsure what to do, you were able to provide us with lots of information and financial advice, in what to do, moving forward into the future.


This is something we hadn’t received from our previous financial adviser and your approach and attention to detail was absolutely fantastic.

Thanks to you and CommonCents Wealth for allowing us to have financial peace of mind and the knowledge that our investments can grow into the future.

Once again , we would personally like to thank you, Nick. You are very good at what you do.

Monica and Wayne Warwick

We first met Richard Brannelly back in 2003 and have relied upon him ever since. Initially we were quite anxious as our previous financial planner hadn’t met with our expectations and to be honest it was a very poor experience. However Richard was different and we couldn’t be happier with the work he has done and the time he has spent with us since.


Richard has a great ability to help us understand some of the more complex aspects of the financial world. He definitely gives us a better understanding of the points and issues that matter to us. As a result we feel so much more comfortable about our money especially when we have to make important decisions.


We have found that Richard has always been really approachable. He certainly meets with us regularly for our formal review sessions, but in between he is also there when we have a question or concern, big or small. So much so that when we heard Richard had left the bank to start with MLC practice CommonCents Wealth, for us it was an easy decision to stick with him.

Overall we are very confident now that are finances are in good shape and our financial future is in safe hands. Without reservation we would recommend Richard to anyone who is serious about their future financial security.


I started working with Richard only about a year ago but even in such a short period of time he has made a massive difference in my life.


Before meeting Richard I was really stressed about some very important financial decisions I was confronting. This was having a real impact on my health which has not been good for some years now, and was also having an impact on my relationships with my family.


Richard approached these issues with empathy and understanding. I really felt from the start that Richard had listened closely to my needs, and he built a plan to achieve these. We met about 5 times in the first few months with Richard taking time to explain not only “what” we were going to do but also “why”. For me understanding the “why” was the most important part? As a result I feel so much more comfortable with my finances and I also feel very relaxed about the important decisions I have made along the way.


I would recommend Richard to anyone who has life changing financial decisions to make.


Dear Nick,

When we first met you we were uncertain what to do with our money as we faced a lot of confusing information and double-talk, yet you provided us with a commonsense approach to move forward with.


Throughout the last seven years you have kept us informed of changes to investment markets and despite the financial turmoil our investment portfolio has continued to provide us with a regular income every month, completely free of tax.


Thanks to you and CommonCents Financial Planning we have peace of mind and feel secure in the knowledge that our investments and income can grow well into the future. Thanks again for all your help and assistance.


Hi Nick,

Thank you for your time, support and open ended advice. We really enjoyed meeting with you and are feeling both reassured and energised about our future.   

Your friendly manner, professional conversation and sense of humour made you very easy to talk to and provided us with a lot of really solid, useful information. We will definitely recommend you to our friends and family!

Cindy & John Highfields

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